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Product Description

Chain Type Simple Hydraulic Jack

Product Description

LYT-type hoist is composed of one-stage double-acting hydraulic cylinder, pulley block, load-bearing chain and oil way etc. Moveable pulley is used to enlarge chain stroke, i.e. traveling distance of the cylinder is 1/2 of lifting distance of the chain. It applies to inverted installation and construction of various large storage tanks (steel) and various storage tanks.

LYT-type chain-type hydraulic hoist includes the following models: LYT-120-2700, LYT-200-2700, and LYT-300-2700 etc. (those with special stroke need to be customized).

I.Operation Principles for Lifting by Inverted Method

1. LYT-type hydraulic hoist is used to firstly lift the tank roof and the top (first layer) siding of the tank. It’s required to group weld tank siding when the lifting height of siding exceeds the second siding (the second layer from the top) by 30-50mm, and group weld the third layer (the third layer from the top to the bottom) of the tank after lifting again, lift successively, group weld the siding of the tank layer by layer, until the last layer of siding.

2. LYT-type hydraulic hoist is used for lifting. When oil enters the hydraulic jack, the movable pulley is pushed upward by pressing the piston, thus driving the load-bearing chain to lift the expansion ring. In this way, the whole tank (including tank roof) is lifted up, until it reaches the pre-set height (there is a voidance of the next layer of plate). The siding in this layer is surrounded for butt welding. After the positioning block is welded, hydraulic hoist returns and the lift tank falls back to the newly-surrounded siding. After welding of circular seam and vertical seam, the door-type card for fixing expansion ring is cut off and the expansion ring is released. In this way, the hoist returns and expansion ring falls to the Model of hydraulic pump station Tank volume Rated pressure Rated flow Power Control voltage of solenoid valve Motor drive rate YB-7.2 220L (700*550*580) 25Mpa 7.2L/min Three-phase Four-wire (380V) 220V 5.5KW YB-14.5 340L (750*650*650) 25Mpa 14.5L/min 220V 7.5KW Mode of LYT-type hoist Rated lifting capacity (KN) Hydraulic area (mm) Rated oil pressure (MPa) Piston stroke (mm) Chain stroke (mm) Cylinder safety equipment Reinforcement measures LYT-120-2700 120 1 Double-direction oil-way hydraulic lock 2 adjustable pull rods LYT-200-9.6 Double-direction oil-way hydraulic lock 2 adjustable pull rods LYT-300-2700 300 2 Double-direction oil-way hydraulic lock 2 adjustable pull rods bottom of tank siding. Then, the next circular plate is expanded and transfer rib plate, such as door-type card, is welded for lifting, and so forth. The group welded tank is lift, until group weld of the last layer of siding, so that the whole storage tank is installed with this inverted method.
II.Advantages of Inverted Hydraulic on Improving Large Construction Storage Tank

1. Hydraulic lifting is stable, safe and reliable. Due to the adoption of unified hydraulic control and single or partial (several) adjustment, the whole lifting process is relatively stable. The hoist is provided with synchronizing valve and hydraulic lock to prevent sliding and falling of the tank or heavy loads, which are caused by power failure and fracture of oil tube. Hydraulic lifting is stable, safe and reliable.

2. Construction quality is ensured. As the hoist is provided with synchronizer and adjustable function, lifting height can be controlled accurately. Due to above reasons, quality of the tank is ensured.

3. The equipment is easy to operate. Construction environment is good and work efficiency is high.

4. The equipment is well-adapted. As long as the number of hydraulic hoists is increased or decreased, the whole set of equipment can be applied to the inverted hydraulic lifting construction of large storage tanks with different volumes ranging from several thousand cubic CHINAMFG to tens of thousands cubic meters.

5. The hydraulic pump station and the hydraulic hoist are placed in the tank for easy operation. Finally, a door-closing plate is reserved to move the equipment out of the storage tank, and the door-closing plate is group welded well.

6. The hydraulic pump station can be controlled singly or jointly, and has strong construction adaptability and excellent technical performance price ratio.

7. Short construction period, low cost and good economic benefit. Due to the high degree of modernization and the fast lifting speed of the complete set of equipment, it has low construction cost and good economic benefit. This technology is truly characterized with convenient and centralized control, simple operation, safety and reliability (no falling), accurate control of weld clearance and lifting height of heavy objects, which can ensure the quality of the project, save labor and reduce costs, and achieve remarkable economic benefits.

Product Parameters

1.Technical performance parameters of hydraulic pump station

Model Tank volume Rated pressure Rated flow Power Control voltage of solenoid valve Motor drive rate
YB-7.2 220L(700*550*580) 25Mpa 7.2L/min Three-phase Four-wire (380V) 220V 5.5kw
YB-14.5 340L(750*650*650) 25Mpa 14.5L/min 220V 7.5kw

2.Technical performance parameters of the hoist

Mode of LYT-type hoist Rated lifting capacity (KN) Hydraulic area (mm) Rated oil pressure (MPa) Piston stroke (mm) Chain stroke (mm) Cylinder safety equipment Reinforcement measures
LYT-120-2700 120 11304 25 1500 2700 Double-direction oil-way hydraulic lock 2 adjustable pull rods
LYT-200-2700 200 18859.6 25 1500 2700
LYT-300-2700 300 25434 25 1500 2700


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Company Profile

Wincoo Engineering Co.,ltd is a hydraulic machinery manufacturing company integrated with design, development, production and sales, which mainly manufactures LYT-type chain-type hydraulic hoist, SQD unfixing holding-latch hydraulic hoist and supporting products. Such products are mainly used for inverted lifting and installation of steel storage tanks. Founded in 2003, after years of concentrated scientific research and development, the company obtained the patent certificate of “Utility Model Hydraulic Hoist’ issued by “China National Intellectual Property Administration”, and the right to use the trademark of “WINCOO” in 2008, so as to enable products of Wincoo Engineering Co.,ltd to quickly become Chinese brands.

Since entering Chinese market for more than 10 years, products of Wincoo Engineering Co.,ltd has been sold in nearly 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, and some overseas markets. The company has production line of advanced technology; meanwhile, Wincoo Engineering Co.,ltd designs, develops and processes products for famous domestic installation companies. With professional team, strict management and excellent equipment, the company strives to create the brand of “WINCOO”, hydraulic hoist and series supporting products. As an expert of hydraulic hoist, WINCOO with charm of high technology is keen, innovative and forging ahead to establish design language of the company. In an all-inclusive and absorbing and open-minded manner, the hydraulic hoist and hydraulic pump station are perfectly combined to form hydraulic lifting equipment (hydraulic jacking equipment). As the founder and disseminator of hydraulic hoist, WINCOO has been building the inverted hydraulic lifting equipment and production technology of HangZhou installation engineering for a long time.

Wincoo Engineering Co.,ltd is committed to the research and development of LYT-type chain-type hydraulic hoist, SQD-type unfixing holding-latch hydraulic hoist and the supporting equipment. The LYT-type and SQD-series products have been widely used in various projects (inverted lifting, translation, jacking, and climbing, etc.) by major installation companies all over the country, and have achieved satisfactory results.

WINCOO sticks to improve core competitiveness by virtue of corporate culture, thus setting a good social image of the company during development. “Those hoping to expand the company must study hard from the moment, and the pursuit is endless”. “WINCOO” will continuously forge ahead, contributes to the course of installation project in China and permanently moves CHINAMFG to forge the monument of hydraulic lifting industry in China.


1. Support you to win the project during bidding phase. We can provide your more suitable configurations to help you shorten the constrcution time.
2. We can provide all technical documents and advices to support you for construction procedure clearifications
3. We can calculate the most suitable number of hydraulic jack according to the weight of the tank
4. We can provide your suitable hydraulic jack accessories with much more competetive price from our long time business partner if you need.
5. We can provide site people training service, and operation service or manpower service or as a subcontractor.


After-sales Service: Quality Assurance
Warranty: 1 Year
Type: Hydraulic Jack
Structure: Hydraulic Jack
Capacity (Load): 12-120t
Power Source: Hydraulic


double acting hydraulic cylinder

Can double-acting hydraulic cylinders be employed in material handling equipment for pushing and pulling?

Yes, double-acting hydraulic cylinders are commonly employed in material handling equipment for pushing and pulling tasks. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Pushing Function: Double-acting hydraulic cylinders can generate significant pushing force, making them well-suited for material handling equipment that requires pushing capabilities. By supplying pressurized hydraulic fluid to one side of the cylinder, the piston extends, exerting force in the desired direction. This force can be utilized to push heavy objects, such as crates, pallets, or machinery components. The ability to generate substantial pushing force allows material handling equipment to move or position loads efficiently.

2. Pulling Function: In addition to pushing, double-acting hydraulic cylinders can also be employed for pulling tasks in material handling equipment. By supplying fluid to the opposite side of the cylinder, the piston retracts, creating a pulling force. This pulling force enables the equipment to tow or drag objects, such as trailers or carts, facilitating material transport within a facility or across a worksite.

3. Bi-Directional Force Generation: The bi-directional operation of double-acting hydraulic cylinders is advantageous for both pushing and pulling applications. By utilizing both the extension and retraction strokes, material handling equipment can generate force in both directions, enhancing versatility and productivity. The ability to generate force in multiple directions allows for efficient maneuvering, positioning, and handling of various loads, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the material handling process.

4. Control and Precision: Double-acting hydraulic cylinders provide precise control over the pushing and pulling forces exerted by material handling equipment. The hydraulic system can be designed with valves, control systems, and pressure regulation mechanisms to adjust and fine-tune the force output. This level of control enables operators to apply the necessary force with precision, preventing damage to the handled materials or equipment. The ability to control and modulate the force also ensures the safety of operators and enhances the overall efficiency of material handling operations.

5. Adaptability and Customization: Double-acting hydraulic cylinders can be adapted and customized to meet the specific requirements of material handling equipment. They can be designed with different stroke lengths, bore sizes, and mounting configurations to fit the equipment’s structure and hydraulic system. This adaptability allows for seamless integration of the hydraulic cylinders into the material handling equipment, optimizing performance, and ensuring efficient pushing and pulling operations.

Given their capability for pushing and pulling functions, bi-directional force generation, control and precision, as well as adaptability and customization, double-acting hydraulic cylinders are widely employed in material handling equipment for efficient and effective pushing and pulling tasks.

double acting hydraulic cylinder

Can double-acting hydraulic cylinders be applied in mining equipment for material transport?

Yes, double-acting hydraulic cylinders are widely used in mining equipment for material transport. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Dump Trucks: Dump trucks are commonly used in mining operations for transporting large quantities of material, such as rocks, ores, and coal. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders are employed in the tipping mechanism of dump trucks. These cylinders provide the necessary force to raise the truck bed, allowing the material to be unloaded at the desired location. The bidirectional force generation of double-acting cylinders enables controlled and efficient tipping of the truck bed, facilitating the rapid and effective transport of materials.

2. Front Shovels and Excavators: Front shovels and excavators are heavy-duty machines used in mining for digging and loading materials onto trucks or conveyor systems. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders are utilized in the boom and bucket mechanisms of these machines. The cylinders provide the force required to extend and retract the boom, as well as to control the bucket’s opening and closing. This allows operators to manipulate the excavator effectively, scoop up materials, and deposit them into transport vehicles or processing equipment.

3. Conveyor Systems: Conveyor systems are extensively used in mining operations to transport bulk materials over long distances. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders are employed in conveyor belt tensioning systems. These cylinders apply force to adjust the tension of the conveyor belt, ensuring proper alignment and preventing slippage. The precise force control offered by double-acting cylinders allows for accurate tension adjustment, optimizing the efficiency and reliability of material transport on the conveyor system.

4. Haulage Systems: Haulage systems, such as underground mine trucks and railcars, are crucial for transporting materials within mining operations. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders are employed in these systems for various functions. For instance, the cylinders can be used to control the opening and closing of doors or gates on mine trucks or railcars, facilitating the loading and unloading of materials. Additionally, hydraulic cylinders can be utilized in braking systems to provide the necessary force for safe and controlled stopping of the haulage vehicles.

5. Lifting and Positioning Equipment: In mining operations, lifting and positioning equipment, such as cranes and hoists, are employed to handle heavy materials and equipment. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders play a vital role in these machines. The cylinders provide the force necessary for lifting, lowering, and positioning loads with precision. Whether it’s lifting large mining equipment or positioning heavy materials, hydraulic cylinders ensure safe and controlled movement, enhancing the efficiency of material transport in mining operations.

Given their applications in dump trucks, front shovels and excavators, conveyor systems, haulage systems, as well as lifting and positioning equipment, double-acting hydraulic cylinders are widely applied in mining equipment for material transport. Their ability to generate precise and controllable forces makes them essential components in ensuring efficient and reliable material handling in the mining industry.

double acting hydraulic cylinder

How does a double-acting hydraulic cylinder handle variations in hydraulic pressure?

A double-acting hydraulic cylinder is designed to handle variations in hydraulic pressure while maintaining its functionality and performance. Here’s a detailed explanation:

1. Balanced Design: Double-acting hydraulic cylinders are designed with a balanced piston and rod arrangement. This design ensures that the hydraulic pressure acts equally on both sides of the piston, allowing for consistent and balanced force generation. As a result, the cylinder can handle variations in hydraulic pressure without compromising its ability to extend and retract smoothly.

2. Efficient Sealing System: Double-acting cylinders incorporate a sealing system that helps maintain the integrity of the hydraulic fluid and prevents leakage. The piston and rod seals, typically made of materials like rubber or polyurethane, create a tight seal between the piston and the cylinder barrel. This sealing system ensures that hydraulic pressure is effectively contained within the cylinder, reducing the impact of pressure variations on the cylinder’s performance.

3. Pressure Relief Mechanism: In situations where there are significant variations in hydraulic pressure, double-acting hydraulic cylinders may incorporate a pressure relief mechanism. This mechanism allows excess pressure to be released from the cylinder, preventing damage to the seals and other internal components. Pressure relief valves or adjustable relief valves are commonly used to regulate the pressure within the cylinder and protect it from excessive pressure fluctuations.

4. Robust Construction: Double-acting hydraulic cylinders are constructed using high-strength materials such as steel or aluminum. This robust construction enables the cylinder to withstand variations in hydraulic pressure without deformations or failures. The materials used, along with proper engineering and manufacturing techniques, ensure the structural integrity of the cylinder even under challenging pressure conditions.

5. Performance Testing and Quality Control: Manufacturers of double-acting hydraulic cylinders subject their products to rigorous performance testing and quality control measures. These tests evaluate the cylinder’s ability to handle variations in hydraulic pressure, ensuring that it meets the required performance and safety standards. Through these quality control processes, any potential issues related to pressure variations are identified and addressed before the cylinder is deployed.

By employing a balanced design, efficient sealing system, pressure relief mechanisms, robust construction, and thorough quality control, double-acting hydraulic cylinders can effectively handle variations in hydraulic pressure. These features ensure the cylinder’s reliability, longevity, and consistent performance in diverse hydraulic systems and applications.

China Hot selling Largest Double Acting Hydraulic Tank Jacks Cylinder in Stock   with Good quality China Hot selling Largest Double Acting Hydraulic Tank Jacks Cylinder in Stock   with Good quality
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